MHABITA EXCLUSIVE REAL ESTATE is a dynamic Real Estate trademark registered in 2010 by people with a various, solid professional background. After having worked in different branches, we decided to bring our expertise, corporate rigor and passion for innovation, to a new luxury brand: MHABITA Exclusive Real Estate, created with the extremly precise ambition to become one of the best reference point for the high quality of its professional standards and services, within the italian and the international properties markets,
MHABITA shows a  special attitude for prestigious properties, whether modern or historical, providing a selected but various range of high level proposals that constitute one of  its most valuable resources. This accurate selection of proposals allow us to supply our different Clients requests achiving  a unique goal: making a dream come true, in Sicily, likewise, if requested, all-around Italy and abroad.
The Idea behind MHABITA is ambitious: we work to extend the limited set of services provided by the classic local real estate companies that primarily focus on merely marketing properties. MHABITA brings excellence and innovation to every aspect of real estate investment:  acting as seller's as well as buyer’s brokers, sourcing the best new deals for investors, helping maximize their return on investment, introducing an innovative approach to marketing through the extensive use of modern media and providing an impeccable full service, especially customized for international clients. At MHABITA we monitor the market every day, continuously selecting and ranking the best deals available from the smallest studio to the multi million-euros building or plot of land ready to be developed.
Professional competency as well as integrity and discretion are irremovable guide principles, key values that allow our clients to place their total trust in our specialized service and competence able to cover the full-range of the real estate complementary services: MHABITA Exclusive Real Estate’s extended Partners comprise some of the finest professionals in their respective field. Furthermore we pride ourselves to provide excellent service for people/companies who excel in their field.